3 Haunted Casinos in the United States

ballyCasinos are a place for excitement where you can feel your heart beating out of your chest every time a card is laid down on the table or the slot machines stop. However, there are instance where your adrenaline rush is not due to what happens to your bet but to another thing entirely. If you feel that casinos are the most exciting places in the planet then you are definitely right especially if you are playing with your fortune in a haunted casino. Here’s a quick list of casinos which would be a good place to combine a game of fortune with a sighting.

Bally’s Hotel and Casino, The Strip, Las Vegas

If you are looking for casinos, there’s no better place to do so than Las Vegas and where hauntings are concerned, you can expect to find a lot of stories involving ghosts and supernatural presence here. The location of the old MGM building which was also the fated place where the 2nd largest hotel fire in the US occurred is where the current Bally’s is standing today. As the place where 84 people died in a panic, the spirits were seemingly stuck to the place. Upper floors from the 19th to 24th floors are quite haunted as well as the North Tower. In fact, the service elevator leading to the Tower is highly avoided after a lot of service employees were killed inside.

Gilpin Hotel and Casino, Blackhawk, Colorado

The ghost sighting in this place is not violent as others as the ones in other casinos. The ghost is reported to be outside the place. It was said that a house which was outside the casino accommodated a small school in the upper rooms and one teacher by the name of Lucile Malone had a lover who happened to be a miner. While the miner was on his way to meet her, he was run over by a horse just outside the casino. Since Lucile witnessed the accident, jumped outside the window due to grief and died on the same street. It was said that her ghost kept an eye on the guests of the casino and on one occasion where there was a fire, the ghost allegedly saved a young couple from the building.

The Luxor, Las Vegas

Another casino which has a lot of haunted tales is the pyramid shaped Luxor Casino. The place happens to be really cool especially the rooms which boast of sophistication. The 400 foot pyramid has attracted a lot of people and, in general, people present a good feedback about the place except for some who have some horror stories to tell. As the story goes, there was a construction worker who died while the place was being built. There are also a lot of urban legends surrounding the place as some people talk about it being cursed. There are also tales about suicide committed here with guests jumping off balconies to the patio and inner lobby of the hotel.

There is no denying that there are more casinos which are dubbed to be quite haunted. In fact, even Tropicana is said to have a large tiki mask which causes a purple rash. There are also accounts of people who seem to haunt the place even if they had never visited it in their lifetime. No one can say for sure whether these things are true or they just add to the excitement of being in Las Vegas but they surely add a fascinating air to these places. Surely, there are more places which have hauntings especially those casinos that are in older cities and converted buildings.


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