4 Awesome Poker Destinations in the US

atlantic cityPoker is certainly one of the oldest games in gaming halls and there are certainly people who love combining poker with travel and pleasure. For those who are planning their poker vacation, it would be nice to know the best stops which will make the trip worth looking forward to. The first thing that you need to consider is that it would be really useful to arrange a trip to a place where you can play poker and at the same time, do something else such as sightseeing and enjoying a sport or watching a show. Here are some locations for some poker fun and real life adventures:

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


There is no question why a poker trip will be spent in this city. With the highest density for poker rooms, any poker player would love the chance to spend a holiday in Vegas. On top of that, the comps are quite generous in the hotels here and while you are winning at the tables, you might just earn a free hotel room for the duration of your trip. There is also a wide assortment of restaurants so you can definitely indulge the foodie in you. The concerts, the chows and all kinds of entertainment are available here and the night clubs are certainly pulsating. Some of the world’s best golf courses can also be found in Vegas and there are biking and hiking trails for those who are interested in the great outdoors.

Atlantic City


The Las Vegas of the East has some of the most lively poker rooms in the US and if you want a densely packed room, this is just the place to be. Borgata is one of the city’s most luxurious poker halls and there’s the Taj Mahal where you can find a lot of action as far as poker is concerned. Although Las Vegas will also be top class when it comes to variety, there is still some to be had in Atlantic City and the place caters to a wide array of tastes. If you are off on a poker/family vacation, you can offload them on the boardwalk where there are so much to see and do. With one of the world’s best beaches close by, it would also be nice to work on your tan for a bit.



With around 30 poker rooms that are scattered all over the state with high concentration on the west and the east coast, there is certainly a bit of excitement to be had when you are in Florida and poker is what you have in mind. Caps for the no limit games have been raised and there are a lot of great poker games in several places especially around the metropolitan areas. Another plus is the weather which is relatively good and the wonderful beaches. The city is also home to several restaurants that are quite tempting.

Southern California


SoCal as it is called colloquially is another great place to drop by when a poker holiday is what you have planned. Some of the largest poker rooms in the world can be found here. Compared to the poker rooms in Las Vegas, some of SoCal’s rooms are so much bigger with around a hundred tables. Major as well as daily tournaments are held in this casino and you can rest assured that if you are looking for action, you are sure to find that in the poker rooms in this place.
Poker is certainly a game that has become quite popular all over the world. For those who love this game, it would be nice to explore new places to try their luck on the tables.


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