4 Awesome Year End Events in Las Vegas Casinos

mandalayThere is no denying that the year is drawing into a close and with this comes the influx of year end celebrations that will definitely attract a lot of people. These days, celebrating the new year comes complete with cool parties and if you are planning to hit a casino to greet the upcoming year, then it would be good to know the best places if you are in the mood for cool gatherings. Here are some fabulous ideas on where and how to end the year when you are thinking about a year end party at a casino:


Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas: Go Gaga Over a Hot Band

When you are planning to spend the New Year at Las Vegas, you will surely relish the thought of getting the best out of this experience. If you are interested in something which is a bit wild and you happen to have the hots for Maroon 5, it would be an awesome idea to hang out in Mandalay Bay. Saying goodbye to 2014 with the hot lead singer Adam Levine would certainly be a cool way to end the year. The band will hold two concerts in the casino, so be sure to buy your tickets if you want to spend the night partying here.


MGM Grand: Join the LGBTQ EVOLVE Party

The EVOLVE party is one of the biggest events for the gay and lesbian community and MGM Grand will be the host hotel. With the legalization of same sex marriage in Nevada, it’s no wonder why the community has much to celebrate. The 3-day party is expected to draw in a large international crowd and it has been said that it took 2 years to organize this event, so there is no denying that it would surely be exciting to see how the entire affair will turn our and there are a wide assortment of shows and clubs involved in this event. There is no denying that this is one of the biggest year end events and there will be a lot of fun for those who are going to be part of it.


Caesar’s Palace: Drink the night away

Overflowing drinks is something to look forward to during the New Year celebration and you can do just that at the FIZZ at Caesar’s Palace. There is a 3 hour premium open bar package here which is quite a tempting treat when you are in the mood for drinks. This package includes the hors d’oeuvres and the champagne toast at midnight. Prices can be a bit steeper than what you would get in other places but this is definitely a classy way to toast the year away. The package starts at nine pm, so you can start raising your glass by then and greet the New Year with a bang.


Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino: Greet the New Year the Old School Way

With so many modern artists and parties going on, it would be cool to do a bit of throwback and welcome the year with old school music. With the event going on at the Paradise Event Center, you can rest assured that you will have so much fun as you celebrate the last hours of 2014. This New Year’s Eve Party comes complete with old school music and there will definitely be dancing and party favors. When the clock strikes 12, you will also enjoy a champagne toast to celebrate the New Year.


There are so many cool ways to end the year and partying is certainly a cool way to do it. If you are in Vegas for the New Year, there are certainly so many things going on, and these are just some ideas to consider when you are planning on what to do on New Year’s eve.


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