4 Luxurious Casinos for a Rejuvenating Getaway

holiday palaceCasino gaming is certainly something to look forward to especially when you are planning to visit a land based casino which comes complete with all the luxurious trappings. It wouldn’t be surprising to find yourself seduced by all the fine things that you can experience while inside a casino complex. Whether you decide to try your luck, relax in one of the spas or simply enjoy a luxurious vacation, five star casinos are certainly a good place to be. Here are some of the best stops when you are up for a trip in one of those plush gaming establishments.


Sky City Grand Hotel and Casino, Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland is certainly a buzzing city with impressive sights and attractions making it a perfect setting for those who are interested in a vacation. Brining the entire family for a quick trip or tying up some business transactions while enjoying what the city has to offer is certainly worthwhile. Open round the clock, the casino offers a wide array of experiences. Fantastic entertainment as well as delicious food and bars are certainly part of the offerings here. With over a hundred table games and 1,600 gaming machines, you can certainly feel every level of excitement as you venture in the casino. For some pampering, be sure to visit East Day Spa for some rejuvenation and a full range of body treatments which is perfect for men and women. The spa specializes in holistic treatments inspired from Eastern styles. Aside from that, there are also cleansing baths for rejuvenation and de-stressing.

Jupiters Hotel and Casino, Gold Coast, Australia

Located in Broadbeach Island, the area is certainly someplace where you can relax and unwind as the place itself is conducive for relieving stress. Just a walking distance from one of the pristine beaches in the Gold Coast, you can find yourself facing a lot of action in this place and they have really plush accommodation that offer sweeping views of the Hinterland and the Pacific Ocean. As far as glamour and sophistication is concerned, you wouldn’t be amiss in choosing this casino. Table games, craps, roulette as well as gaming machines are all located in 1 level. If you are feeling in need of rejuvenation, a steam bath or a massage will certainly do the trick.


Dominican Fiesta Hotel & Casino, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

When you are looking forward to a one of a kind experience, you can never go wrong with this exclusive hotel which happens to be in Santo Domingo’s smartest part. It offers an unparalleled experience. One of the most impressive lounge bars can also be found in this casino. This is a perfect getaway for business outings as well as short breaks when you are with your partner or your spouse or with your family. The spa here has all kinds of treatment including full range of treatment including a personalized massage, a soak in a hot tub, a sauna and so much more.

Holiday Palace Casino & Resort, Shinanouk, Cambodia

Located near the Thai border, this place is certainly a good place for a traveler who can afford its price. They have a wide selection of cafes and restaurants that offer both Western and Asian cuisine. Aside from the gourmet meals, the hotel has several beauty and health services for holistic healing. As far as gaming is concerned, you are in for a thrilling experience spread over 3 levels of floor space.


Gaming and luxury certainly comes hand and hand and there is so much to experience as far as modern casino developments are concerned. Las Vegas hotels may seem to be the most luxurious but there are certainly cool stops outside the city.


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