4 Must-Know Things About Cepheus, the “Perfect” Online Poker Bot

cepheusThe online gambling world changed forever recently following the emerging news surrounding Cepheus, the ‘perfect’ online poker bot stated to be able to beat any human player anywhere in the world. What this means for online casinos and the players who love them remains to be seen. So what better to school up on all things Cepheus right now?

If you want to remain at the front of the online poker world and stay on top of all the major happenings, here are four must-know things about this new revelation that you absolutely want to pay attention to.


Cepheus is the result of a decade-long project conducted by computer scientists at the University of Alberta who were determined to solve the challenge of designing a poker bot smart enough to take on any human player in the world.

Designed and released online at the start of this year, Cepheus is by no means the first online poker bot (online casinos have been detecting and banning players implementing their own designed bots for years) in existence, yet is the first to boast of its own infallibility in people’s attempts to detect it as anything other than a human player.


Cepheus was put together under the lead of project manager Mike Howling, whose team used adaptive software to chart and save every possible situation of a poker game (which comes out at something lose to 316 quadrillion different situations) with the challenge of eventually beating Heads-Up Limit Hold’em.

According to the figures released about the project, the University used 200 processors and over two months of calculations to generate a huge multi-terabyte database.


Cepheus is a fast learner. Although it started out making apparently random decisions and moves, it was then said to have learned from itself and refined its decisions to perfect its play. Furthermore, the scientists that built it even gave it the capability of bluffing – something pretty integral in poker (both online and in casinos).

Using a random generator, Cepheus mimics human decision making and therefore doesn’t win every time but instead appears just as unpredictable as an online or casino player running statistics and plays in their own heads.

Emotional Prowess

One possible weakness in Cepheus’ game? The fact it’s a computer and therefore lacking in emotion-based decision making.

This is especially relevant when it comes to the main criticism that Cepheus would be unable to beat a beginner player as fast a human would, mainly due to its calculations and not going on the instinct that a more seasoned poker player would employ.

There are lots of other reasons as to why the online poker world shouldn’t fear Cepheus too much despite the fact that you’d actually have to play it to beat it. Sure, it’s exciting, having a bot capable of beating any human player on earth at a game of high stakes, but it’s not likely to change your casino or online poker experience too much any time soon.


It’s only a matter of time though before we have another bot on our hands that’s capable of shaking up the poker world in a more sophisticated manner.


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