5 tips – how to play Online Poker

Online-PokerBefore giving these advices on how to play online poker, I would like to clarify certain things that every potential player should take into account. When you play poker online, you aren’t playing a game of chance like the roulette. Many studies show that online poker has a random factor of 30%, in other words, the %70 of the outcome depends of the players.

Try free online poker

Now we will focus on online poker. When you play online poker, the first decision that you must take is in which poker platform you would like to play. Trying places with free online poker is a good choice if you never tried the experience before, as there isn’t any money involved.  This way you will learn the mechanics of the game and get yourself acquainted with it. Our advice is that you give it at least 20 hours of gameplay to the free online poker experience. Be warned that there is a great difference between free online poker and online poker with real money. When there is real money involved, every decision counts.

Controlled Gambles

Our second tip is that you should begin making small bets. Gamble the table minimum and get used to the fact that your money is in the line. Once you got used to the experience, take it to a new level and put yourself a new limit… let’s say $30. Be reminded that you should restrain yourself of further gambles, even if you are winning. A good streak con end up in the blink of an eye

 Swapping tables is bad

Jumping from one poker room to the other will only lessen your experience. In every table there will be new rivals. Each rival has a particular set of abilities and mannerisms, which help you, know how to gamble against him. If you change of table, your rivals will be totally new, so it is a fresh start. However, if you are being constantly crushed swap to another table, as pros can appear everywhere.

Keep Cool

Keeping your head above the water is one of the most important advices we can give you. If you don’t win anything, don’t despair, better times will come. Many players when loosing get their tempers off and start gambling like there is no tomorrow. 30 minutes later all their chips are gone and the anger is even bigger. Always keep your cool and never start a game feeling agitated or stressed.


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