6 Average Poker Player Errors – How to Play Poker

images (1)Here are the most common mistakes of the art of how to play poker. When perfecting your abilities, we seriously advise you to free yourself from them. Some may seem pretty obvious, what it would surprise you to know how many players make them.


A common mistake almost every poker player does is having overconfidence. Every poker hand can be surpassed. The mistake is to focus on the strength of your hand and do not take into account what the other players may have. You have to be looking for within your rivals and act accordingly. This is why it is always said that a good poker profile reader is always the best player.

Divide and Conquer

Many players when learning how to play poker tend to believe that the more is the better. This thought is translated into the fact that they play in 4 or 5 table at the same time. If poker was a game based entirely on luck, this could in some ways be good for the player. The fact is it isn’t and playing in 4 tables will break your concentration. For a poker player to be able to properly concentrate and analyze his opponents, he must be playing on one table. Each table is a world, not conquer them all by force at the same time.

Keep track of the Stadistics

Not all players do well in every game and modalities. Recording statistics helps you focus on games that have a higher expected value for you. In addition to studying the long term profitability of playing in a certain way or another. Learn in which places you are more efficient and act accordingly. A player must know in which areas he lacks and in which areas he excels.

Predictable Nancy

Many players believe that devising the right poker strategy is enough to become a pro. What they tend to forget that once your opponent has read you, there is little chance he will fall for the same trick. Always keep it varied to throw off your opponents. It is essential that players that players seek to do the unexpected, so the others won’t know what is happening. Doubt tends to create errors in the game of poker, take advantage of the Psychology of Poker.

Raising the limit to escape the bad players

This is one of the most common mistakes in poker. There are players who get fed up with low gambles so they go to higher limits, believing this will increase their luck. This is absolutely not true, as higher limits means higher losses. Only go to bigger tables when you feel prepared.


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