888 – Upcoming projects of Online Poker in USA

images (2)The CEO of 888 Holdings, Brian Mattingley, made some interesting when he told Reuters that he hopes the ultimate experience to play poker online at the end of the year. As of now, 888 has been associated with three companies, including Caesars Interactive, WMS Industries and Treasure Island, and is currently in the testing phase of the 3 sites yet it still lacks the approval of the program by the Gambling Control Commission Nevada.

Pending Approval

The Control Committee approved Nevada gaming licenses to up to 20 companies, but they have not approved any software yet. Ironic as it may sound, the truth is that at the end of the year all companies requesting a license will be operating. The State of Nevada also wants to share its players with other U.S. states, including New Jersey, which also has its own projects to let players play poker online by the end of the year. It is also known that these two states, Nevada and New Jersey, intend to share their European regulated market.

Mattingley also shared a forecast made by Thomas Allen, important analyst of the online casino industry, letting know that the online market in the United States will have revenues of $ 670 million in 2014 and will rise to 9,000 million in 2020, with the addition of other states when they begin they own projects to play poker online.

Different player Landscape

This is great news for online poker sites fanatics, as the return of the United States to online poker will cause an avalanche of new players, and where even today not tomorrow be allowed to play! Since the “black Friday”, the online poker traffic dropped by 38%, caused by the loss of American players, the return of the same market will completely change the landscape of online poker sites.

There is also another feature, as you know PokerStars currently owns 40% of global traffic, but with the reopening of the U.S. market also will change, because PokerStars is not frowned upon in the U.S. and will have a hard time getting a license, causing a large fluctuation and migration of online poker sites and completely changing the landscape of online poker.


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