Beginners Guide: Online Poker Rooms

online poker roomsThe word Poker is one of the most searched items on the internet. This means that the game is gaining popularity with each passing day. The result of this has been the establishment of many poker rooms with an aim of quenching the thirst of the hungry population yearning to play poker. Before we detail on the poker rooms, it is important to describe the game and especially if you are a beginner.


Simply put, poker is a game of cards that involve betting by players. The winner is determined by ranking the combinations of the cards at the end of the game. There are many forms of poker but, perhaps the most popular form of this game is Texas holdem. The internet has helped propelled the game to new heights, reaching many people who are not in a position of visiting a casino due to local legislations prohibiting the establishment of casinos or the unavailability of a casino in there locality.

Defining a poker room

A poker room is also known as a card room. It is an establishment that exclusively offers card games to members of the public to bet.

So what makes a good poker room?

There are many poke sites out there, to help you in selecting a poker site, consider the following factors:

• Bonuses offered
• Customer care services
• Graphics and software offered.
• Efficient payment procedure and payment options

How to evaluate online poker rooms?

Whereas, majority of websites promise or suggest offering the above listed services but not all of them abide to what they promise. To evaluate if what they promise carries some weight, do the following:

Evaluate online poker rooms software

The easiest way of analyzing the software is simply by signing up, and downloading the software. Run the software in your computer if it fits the bill, then it is good to go.

Evaluate online poker rooms payment process

You only need to visit the poker room homepage and visit the “banking” page. This page will provide all the possible paying options, if there is a payment option that suits you, and then it is good to go.

Evaluate online poker rooms support teams

Visit the poker room support team section and the first thing you should check if they are working. If they are working ask the support team some questions. If they reply correctly as should a competent support team, the coast is clear for you to sign up with the site.

Evaluate online poker rooms bonuses

Evaluating bonuses can be tricky especially if you are an amateur. Many sites only use bonuses as a marketing gimmick. If the bonuses are not paid for signup as promised, you should be wiser and more to another real site.

Other important factors to consider

Online poker rooms Security

Definitely you will not like to be ripped off your hard earned money. Part of security is confidentiality; a reputable site should ensure that your personal information is not released to third parties.

Online poker rooms Connectivity

Connectivity is crucial; frequent interruptions can be costly especially in situations having high stakes. If a website has problems with connectivity, its better you seek greener pastures elsewhere.

Online poker rooms add-ons

Add-ons definitely will not improve on the odds of winning the game. However, they greatly improve on the playing experience; an example of an add-on is the statistics, or valuable online resources.

Online poker rooms Traffic

Poker room traffic is crucial. High traffic is an indicator that the site is reputable and attracts many players. It is advisable to join a site having high traffic as the chances of meeting good players is also increased significantly.

For further information, you can check our sections of and our for beginners.


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