BetRaiseFold – a Documentary about Online Poker Sites

imagesOnline poker sites have seen a fair share of development in the last decade. What once was another option to play poker online, now it has become a part of the daily routine of many. Online poker sites are without a doubt one of the most profitable parts of the casino industry, having millions of players per day. Today we are going to share with you the casino news of a coming documentary about the intricate world of online poker sites.

For Enthusiasts by Enthusiasts

The documentary is being developed by former star poker players Jason Rosekrantz and Taylor Caby. The documentary film will be released in June, although a concrete date isn’t available as of yet. The ambitious project will follow the development of online poker sites until its absolute peak to its present struggles with the mobile market. Being a documentary about online poker sites, expect to see stars of the game, including Dani Stern and Daniel Negreanu.

Going by the name of Bet Raise Fold: The Story Of Online Poker, the documentary follows 3 individuals that found solace in the online poker sites scene. These indiviuals just wanted to have an extra income to increase their quality of life and that of their family. However, at 2011 the Black Friday event would almost ruin their finances (as that of many players), event in which the documentary will delve.

Specifically for online poker sites fanatics

The developer team describes the film as a “coming of age story” for a juvenile poker generation that faced one of the biggest crisis online poker sites went through. The entire documentary was funded with winnings from online poker. To read more news about the online casino scene, head to our main .

“Please share the project with anyone you know who has ever been touched by or shown an interest in poker,” said Rosenkrantz. Not many times we recibe a product that seeks to enlighten players specifically, so we really recommend enthusiasts to give a shot to the documentary.

“We’re extremely proud of this movie and grateful we have an opportunity to tell the story of online poker the right way. It’s an incredible story and we think we’ve done it the justice it deserves. We hope you guys do too.”



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