Come on and play poker online with “Bet” Affleck!

Ben AffleckImagine what it would like to play poker online with a Hollywood star. I mean, these guy’s carry the big bucks, some of them charging more than 10 million dollars for a movie. Regular folks as me (and the majority of the world) won’t make that many in 5 lifetimes. By any standard, Poker is a game that appeals to everyone. There is a long list of famous people who dedicate their free time to play poker online under anonymus names or hit special tables on select casinos.

“Bet” Affleck

One important example is Ben Affleck, who became interested in poker when he had to shoot the film “Final Bet”.. After shooting the film, Ben dared to play a poker tournament, having a terrible performance. So he went on to get a teacher, Annie Duke, one of the most prestigious North American poker teachers, whom greatly helped him improving his game. Then again, she encouraged him to play another tournament, and this time won some 273,000 euros. He is regarded as the sexiest poker player, though not always with the same success. Poker has luck factor after all and the man could buy the moon with his bank account, so sleep soundly tonight knowing that he is doing alright.

Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio has been interested in poker since the filming of the prestigious drama Titanic, winning a ticket for the great ship playing a game. Since then he plays games with Ben Affleck, Tobey Maguire and other celebrities, betting money and wines. Numerous times he has been spotted in online poker sites. Do not be nice when playing a game with him, even if he has those piercing blue eyes.


Tobey Maguire poker player stands out as a professional level. He has played in several tournaments and has also won a number of, for example, in 2004 won the Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament “Phil Hellmuth Poker Invitational” in Los Angeles, with a prize of 73,000 euros.

Ocean’s Twelve

The Ocean’s Twelve team Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Michael Douglas, Don Cheadle and director Steven Soderbergh, while filming the second part of this movie, played poker in the hotel suite where they were staying.


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