Cool Places to Learn How to Play Poker

poker trainingPoker is among the most popular games in casinos and it is not surprising as there are so many people who would love to learn how this game works. There is actually a way to learn how this game works and it doesn’t involve spending money on a real game. These days, there are several sites where you can train for free and they are quite convenient as you can instantly access them through the web. For those who would love a bigger dose of poker training, here are some suggested sites:

Tournament Poker Edge

This website’s main focus is in assisting players in winning multiple table tournaments and there is no denying that the site has succeeded in its goal as it pays so much attention to detail which is absent in training sites that are bigger. Another thing that makes it a good recommendation is that they are really responsive when it comes to forums and emails and if you are still starting how to learn the game, this is a good place to start. There’s a membership fee though but you can rest assured that you are getting insight from some of the world’s best poker players and they also have podcasts, a really fun way to appreciate the game.

Deuces Cracked

This is another training website with a membership fee although you can get a lot of information when it comes to poker. This online trading site has a community or group training approach when it comes to poker and it’s a good choice if you want to gain advantage over other players. They have regular updates and over a thousand videos. Poker is treated just like a subject here and they have a forum too much like what it is like when you are taking an online class. They have a free seven day trial too to see whether you like the program.


The primary thing that you would notice when you are in this site is that the number of cash games is limited and that the site’s primary focus is on MTT. Most coaches who are training pupils here have an impressive resume as far as poker tournaments are concerned. If you are lucky and you have timed your enrollment here during a sale you can enroll for up to 8 months with just a hundred dollars, a much smaller amount compared to other trading sites. Another good thing about this game is that you will have access to tools that can provide you with the necessary ammunition as far as tools are concerned, there’s the Tournament Payout Calculator, 3 Bet Calculator and more choices.

Advanced Poker Training

This training platform for poker is completely different from all others as it provides practical experience in playing the game. There’s the training software which allows the user to play five hundred hands per hour versus a computer. At each game, the player receives advice regarding the game. Aside from that there are session reports that will show you the potential mistakes that may cost you money by flagging hands. This is more like a hands on poker training experience so the fees are lower compared to other sites, and you are bound to have so much fun.


Poker is getting more popular and learning how to play the game wisely is certainly a must. Whether you are planning to just have fun or become a pro at this game, trying out these sites will surely further your education as far as poker is concerned. And, it pays to learn the ins and outs of the game to gain a greater appreciation of the game.


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