Dead Man Hand – Scary Poker Tales

doylebrunsondead (1)Here we will present three curious poker tells to make the blood of poker players chills. Anyone that on a regular basis must have wondered how many of the different poker expressions came to be. Today thy veil will be uncovered!

The Shortest Poker Game

The shortest game of poker which is known throughout the world, was held in the American Wild West, specifically in Dodge City (birthplace of American folklore legendary figures such as Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, the latter being a recognized a professional player) and lasted only one hand. The two gamblers hated each other, which made tension fill up the air. By the end of the hand, both pointed out that the other was cheating. Subsequently, both laid hands on their derringers (guns off just two shots, easy to conceal, usually in coat sleeve) and killed one another after one shot. After that event, it is believed many abandoned the game of poker. Or at least, a gun checking policy started…

Al Capone

On the other hand, the single most expensive game was held in Chicago in 1928, by famous mob lord Al Capone and his henchmen. It was done in a place of dubious reputation, but luxurious and very popular, home of many as strange happenings took place there,  frequented by tycoons and politicians of the time. The excesses of the place, alcohol, drugs and the excitement of the game itself, attendees made incredibly huge gambles. So much so, that at the head table of the casino, the most important stash reached an incredible pool of more than $ 2 million (corresponding to about 20 million today).

The funny part is that the pot was taken by the hands of a fearless player who, with just a trio of two, was forcing his rivals to leave the table. His identity remains unknown, but some say he was a close associate of Capone, although some believe it was a federal agent who was allowed to win the game.

Dead Man Hand

The dead man’s hand, is a famous combination of letters, which consists of two aces and two eights (two pair strong) but their name derives from the figure of another legendary cowboy of the Wild West: “Wild Bill” Hitchcock. This, gold digger, stagecoach driver and great card player, was shot in the back in 1870 in Dakota. He made a big mistake for a man with many enemies: sit with his back to the door. At death, had a hand of two aces and two eights and thereafter gave the name to this combination forever.


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