Disadvantages when you play poker online

advantagesIn the past we have stated the main advantages when you play poker online. However, taking this adrenaline infusing  game to the online realm comes with its own set of disadvantages. As a , we are obliged to share both sides of the coin, so players can choose according to their interests.

Payment Methods

One of the great disadvantages when you play poker online is that we are exposed to put valuable information into the hands we do not know and this can be significantly detrimental in terms of the way we like ourselves or we are obliged to take the game. It is for this reason we always recommend using secure payment methods that do not endanger our money but not the financial information that is part of it.

Risk management of personal data

Another big disadvantage when you play poker online is the handling of personal information. To reduce this risk we must participate only in certified sites that are members of licensed online casinos organizations and that have official certification.


The gameplay experience is definitely not the same play poker online as when you play on a physical presence casino. However, for those players who have never been to a casino in person and are regulars playing on the Internet, they know that playing poker should have another context as when they get to live all the luxury and comfort that we casinos in places provide like in Las Vegas and other. It is for this reason that emulated gaming experience in online poker rooms can be very good and have many advantages but it definitely cannot emulate the real sensation of playing live poker against real opponents face to face in a beautiful saloon. Take also into account that you wont really be able to learn how to play poker, as the physical experience varies completely from the online one.

Out of home

Another disadvantage when you play poker online is that you can’t leave the house to have the experience that we would face in a casino. If you leave the house or go to another city to play casinos would have to opt for video poker are virtual rooms that take place in casinos face but maybe this for many players do not have much sense.


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