Elemental Poker Tips

pokerKnow your rival

The first thing any poker player should do is to identify weak links in the table. The same goes for good players, as if they aren’t identified in time can cost a lot of chips. For your rivals , we recommend to watch their game, dwelling on their way to bet , what cards teach the showdown, if they bluffing or not, if you only come up with good cards , … And take note of your findings, you will very useful later .

Be cautious and patient

The effectiveness of the bluffs is relative , and you have to play poker like a pro to get the most out of them. For the amateur player is more advisable to do something called a”tight ” solid game where you only bet when you have a good chance of winning the hand finishing . Pre – flop bet only with the best hands is essential when you are starting . This will acquire the essential quality for any winning player: patience.

Your banking management

All players go through bad times , no matter the level they have. If you play on a level where a losing streak betting you would normally lose all your money , is that you’re playing ” outside banks ” . It is imperative to always play at levels where our bench is not endangered , although it suffers the worst losing streak possible.

Bet when they aren’t

If you have a good hand you should bet, reprise even if we believe we have better hand than our opponents. It is a mistake not to bet when our game is good, and we are giving our opponents the opportunity to link a play better than ours. If we play against good players, our bets have to be sized so they do not panic and keep on hand. If we play against bad players can make bets out of proportion, we surely the equal pay. If we are sure to have the best hand, you better go . If we are relatively confident that our opponent has a better game than us, it’s best to leave the hand.



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