The Five Best Buffets in Las Vegas

buffetLas Vegas is known for its casinos and there is no denying that with the number of casinos in the area, you will never run out of choices. Incidental to the thrills of gambling is the need for good food. After all, who doesn’t go hungry after spending hours riled up about the outcome of a game. The Sin City, after all, lives up to its name not just in the field of gambling but also where food is concerned. There are several places to drop by when you are looking forward to a meal that will make you feel as if you are violating your diet big time, that is, if you are sticking to one.


The Buffet, Bellagio


Which is better, Steve Wynn creations in the Bellagio or in the Wynn? There remains to be much argument about this issue for many people who frequent Vegas. But, one of the differences that can be remarked between the two is the food. The Bellagio puts a better effort where the food is concerned. They have breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets from Mondays to Fridays, Weekend Gourmet Dinner on Friday and Saturday and Weekend Brunch. The buffet has all the elements that Vegas should offer and there’s even a blini bar and caviar on the weekends.


Cravings, The Mirage


A unique experience is definitely what you will be getting in this buffet. Breakfast and midweek buffets are served from Mondays to Fridays while there are dinner buffets daily. Champagne brunch is also served on the weekends. The place has a colorful and modern design which makes eating here a treat not just for your taste buds but also for your eyes. There are a variety of cuisines in the buffet’s 11 food stations. You can choose from Latin, Chinese, Italian and so much more. If your sweet tooth is craving for something delectable, there are so many dessert choices and there is also a sit down bar which is fully stocked.


Bacchanal Buffet, Caesars Palace


Caesars has placed a lot of effort in rebranding itself and this investment didn’t come cheap but of course, there were a lot of great changes in the buffet. Caesars has invested a lot on the greatest celebrity chefs and by becoming a must visit destination for people who are foodies by heart. With its emphasis on the best food, a buffet in Caesars in certainly something that you have to try when you are planning to sample the best buffets in Vegas. One thing that makes Caesars different from everyone else is that they have special stations where you can find a wide selection of cheese and charcuterie, handmade sushi, a fresh oyster bar and there are even crab legs. Their buffet is Breakfast and Lunch buffets are available from Monday to Friday, dinner buffets daily and there’s a champagne brunch on weekends.


Garden Court Buffet, Main Street Station


There are a lot of cool places to dine in Vegas and it is often said that when you are looking for the best deals, Downtown is a good option. One of the best options that you have is this buffet at a casino which is Victorian inspired. There are island favorites here which can be difficult to find on the Strip such as lau-lau and oxtail soup which is inspired by California Hotel, a famous sister of this casino. Plus, the room here is comfortable and it has a really great ambiance although the buffet is definitely not gourmet.


Wicked Spoon, The Cosmopolitan


If you are looking for a buffet which is quite appetizing and really good, you can never go wrong with this. The layout is nothing different from all other buffets, there is a station for Asian food, desserts, fresh fruits and Italian but the food that is cooked here is of the best quality. In fact, they have a Mac n’ Cheese bar and you are in for a sumptuous brunch buffet here. They have a daily brunch buffet, dinner buffer from Monday to Thursday and Weekend dinner from Friday to Sunday.



Vegas is certainly a good place to visit when you are interested in food. These are just some of the buffets to sample when you are interested in good food.


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