Four Must-Have Android Games for 2014

angrybirdYour Android smartphone is more than just a device for taking calls and browsing the Internet, it can also double as a great mobile gaming console! Check out some of the must-have Android games that you absolutely need to download right now.

Angry Birds Star Wars

It’s the Return of the Birds! Rovio Mobile has spiced up its ever popular Angry Birds game by releasing a Star Wars-inspired iteration. Fight against the Pig Empire and the evil Lard Vader using your Jedi bird-throwing skills. There’s more than 200 levels of pig-busting action on the decks of the Death Star, the plains of Tattoine, and other familiar landscapes from the world of Star Wars.


If you’re living in the Netherlands, then there’s good news for you. PokerStars, one of the largest and most popular poker sites in the world, has recently released a free-to-play app for mobile devices. All of the top-class features from the original PokerStars NL site is finally organized and optimized for your Android device. Compete in Sit ‘n Go tournaments, play simultaneously on up to four tables, socialize with other players, while you’re at it- the power to play is right at your fingertips.

Tetris by EA Games

Nothing beats the classics. It may have been 25 years since Tetris was released, but people still waste a lot of time on it. EA games revamps this old-school game with new colorful graphics and snazzy sound effects. The game also keeps track of your game stats, so you’ll be able to compare and show off your Tetris skills with your friends.


If you had a Pet Rock or a Tamagotchi as a child, then you will surely love Pou. It is an alien creature that you can feed and play games with. You also get to customize your Pou’s appearance as well as the rooms that it lives in. As you play along and spend time raising your Pou, you get to unlock achievements and special bonus items from time to time.


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