Fullhouse of Poker Advices – How to Play Poker

imagesWhen learning how to play poker, a player should incorporate certain elements that could decide whether they end victorious or not. Here we offer you a fullhouse of poker recommendations and tricks, so you can step up in your game.

Be Aggressive!

The first advice we are going to is incredibly important: playing passively while having a good hand is usually wrong strategy. Our hand will almost always be vulnerable to other (read poker rules for more information), which means that, while it may be best hand at any given time, you run the risk of a subsequent rival getting a better hand.

If you have a nice bet and a great hand, be aggressive, don’t wait for the others to catch up.


The poker is a game of perseverance and the golden rule of poker is self-control. A streak can happen almost anytime and it could give you a “bet thirst”, getting you excited and starting to raise the stakes unchecked (works the other way round). Anyone can have a good or bad day, the key is to keep calm and being objective. As a player, you should never try to level up your losses, as it will surely lead you to your demise.

Play for Fun, not Money

Playing more does not always mean winning more: there is no need to play every hand. When learning how to play poker, some novice players believe they should play every hand. This is not so, take your time and study your cards carefully. If you think the odds of winning are not in your favor, do not hesitate to fold. Do not think of the profits, if your only goal is to play well every hand the results will come alone.

Spot on the Table

Pay attention to the position of the table where you are. In poker, the way you play your hand should be determined by the position on the table where you are in relation to the dealer. Count the number of seats between your seat and the dealer, starting from your clutching see counting clockwise (as clockwise). If the number is higher, you’re sitting in what is called “Late Position”, this means you’ll get to see the moves of your opponents before yours. If there are fewer seats, you’re in the so-called “Early Position” which means that you will be forced to act before most of your opponents. Depending on your play style and your cards on certain hand, both positions can be advantageous.


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