Gambling: Some fun facts

bankersWherever you are in the world you are never too far away from a casino or somewhere you can play casino games.

Even if you’re travelling and can’t get to a casino, there are also a huge range of options for you to play casino games online.

We love casino games in all their forms, so we thought that we would share with you some fun facts about casinos.

We eat sandwiches because of casinos

Possibly a little hard to believe, but apparently a true story, we eat sandwiches because of casinos. Sandwiches may be a staple lunch option around the world today, but the first sandwich was invented by the Fourth Earl of Sandwich who ordered fried meat served between two slices of bread so that he could eat and still keep one hand free at the casino table.

Time is a foreign concept to gambling

It’s not really clear where the tradition began, but generally casinos around the world will not have clocks that are visible and won’t have windows to the exterior. If you’re cynical you might think that casino operators are keen for you to lose track of time so that you keep gambling, but perhaps it’s just to ensure that there are no distractions while you are focused on the table games or slot machines at your favourite casino.

It’s hard to remove religion from gambling

The patron saint of gamblers is Saint Cajan – an Italian catholic priest who died in 1547 and was beatified in 1629. He is associated with gambling because during his life he established a bank to help the poor and to offer an alternative to the brutal loan sharks – Saint Cajan’s bank is today known as the Bank of Naples. Conversely, if you add together all the numbers that are shown on the roulette wheel you will get a total of 666 – the number of the devil.

The secrets of bingo

Bingo is one of the most popular gambling past-times, both in casinos and bingo halls, as well as online bingo games.On a bingo ticket containing 90 numbers, there are 44 million variations or combinations that can deliver a winner. Another fun fact about bingo is that purple dabbers is the most popular colour used by bingo players around the world.

Roulette was created as the result of a science experiment

It is probably not true, but one of the stories about the game of roulette is that it was invented as a result of a science experiment. Roulette is one of the most popular casino games throughout the world – primarily because it’s easy to understand, easy to play, and easy to bet on. Reportedly it was Blaise Pascal who invented roulette while he was trying to create the perpetual motion machine. No luck with the perpetual motion but a huge success with creating one of the world’s favourite casino games.

Wherever you are in the world, whatever game you like to play, whether online or in a casino. Make sure you’re having fun and gambling resonsibly.


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