Guide to Poker Lingo 1/2

ABC-del-poker-segunda-parte-300x225We give you a warm welcome to our very own poker dictionary. As we all know, covering the basics of any game is one of the best ways to start your path of becoming a pro in it. Sometimes amateur players have trouble with some terms of expressions, which is totally normal, as experience is a key factor when learning. Other times veteran players just need to review their knowledge, to solidify these concepts. Today we give you the first entry in the so called Guide to Poker Lingo 1/2!

Action – This term corresponds to basic actions taken in the game of poker. This includes: betting, checking and raising.

Ante – This word corresponds to the obligatory bet all players in the table must give in order to play prior to cards being dealt. An Ante can go from 5 bucks to $5.000 grand. Usually larger amounts correspond to professional tournaments, while little to amateur games. Just take notice of where you are putting your money.

All-In –This maneuver is one of the baldest moves in poker. When you bet all-in, you put your entire chip stock on the pot. Some of the best bluffs are made using this move, just be aware, its consequences could be devastating

Bad Beat – This term corresponds to one of the most infamous occurrences that can happen to a player while having a game of poker.  Imagine you have a great hand, one that surpasses the one of your opponent. Then the rivers hits and presto, he gets that one impossible card that makes his apparently weaker hand into a winning hand. Every poker player has suffered a bad beat, don’t feel bad if you do.

Big Blind – The Big Blind corresponds to one of the two possible forced bets in the game of poker. Take into account that there are various interpretations of the game and that this requirement is applied only to some, such as Texas Holdem and Omaha. The Big Blind is made by a particular player, the one who is clockwise two spaces away from the dealer. The amount of chips that goes to the Big Blind tends up the the double of the Small Blind, although this may change with the poker variant.

Blank – This expression corresponds to a card that brings no consequences to the hand of the player whatsoever.

Blind – This word makes reference to a forced bet every player must do before getting into the game. Blinds work as the means to know what the lowest bet amount will be to the players to be able to bet. Blinds are stipulated by the players just around the dealer, specifically to the left of him.

To continue reading our dictionary, Click Guide to Poker Lingo 2/2, where all the other crucial terms of the game are covered. We just remind that poker hands aren’t taken into account in this saga of articles.


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