Key Aspects when Bluffing

images (2)Without a doubt, bluffing is one of the most important aspects when learning how to play poker. The art of bluffing consists in making your opponent believe that you have better cards than the ones you really have, therefore misleading them to their demise. Apart from the adrenaline and the Hollywood like feel of bluffing, in order to be a successful poker player and to have an absolute understanding of how to play poker, bluffing is an absolute requirement.

Predictable Playing Style

Were a player to only play when he is absolutely sure that he has the best hand in the table, the game wouldn’t only become a chore, it would also be very unprofitable because of the predictability. The art of bluffing lets you mix both your abilities in poker playing and your manipulative capacity, giving you a solid advantage over your opponents. We should add that it isn’t easy to bluff and doing it properly could lead to your own demise.

Bluffing is more than unexpectedly showing all your chips to the pot and say “All In!” hoping to scare your opponents and get the win. A bluff needs planning, you have to taking into account your opponent conducts, the stack size and your own table image. Doing the opposite will make you the victim of counter bluffs, which basically means that a player makes you believe he has believed your bluff. We know it is a tad confusing, but it happens.

Table Image

Doing a successful bluff depends a lot on what your opponents think of you. This is directly related to how you have been playing. Imagine you have done a couple of bluffs, these persons know how to play poker, they will surely know that next time an opportunity arises, you will once again bluff. On the other hand, if you have kept a tight image and you have always acted with strong hands; your opponents will be expecting the best from you.

It is imperative you know what messege you are trying to send with your bluff. If yu were playing in a weak manner the whole game, do not expect players to simply believe that the next round you have a monster. They are humans’ beings, just like you.


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