Learning to Learn – How to Play Poker

how to play pokerIn Learning to Lean How to Play Poker we want to give some information to all recent learners and new players of poker. Some people think knowing the Poker Rules is the only thing needed to play and win. Other people keep calling it a game of chance, so by this line of thought, experience doesn’t matter. Here we will offer you some insight to you all young souls to the game, on how to approach it to become the best.

Coping with Experience

They say experience is the best friend of a poker player. When learning how to play poker, experience is a crucial element in developing your own abilities. However, our advice is that you try free online poker before playing games against real players. The why behind this statement is that free online poker has no monetary risk, so you won’t get the classic “frustration” that torments many poker players. You may be a looser in the first 5 o 9 games, but after each game you will start grasping the mechanics more. As a result, you will reach a point where you won’t need to read the rules anymore. For a player to be successful, he needs to know the rules and how they apply themselves in the game. Written knowledge alone isn’t enough and won’t get you anywhere.

Not going for the Big Bucks

We know that big poker rooms are what everybody aims to. There thousands of dollars are gambled and excitement makes up the atmosphere. However, many recent players after 1  month of practicing poker feel like pros. With this feeling they go to a professional room and presto, the come back with empty pockets and a glorified hate towards the game. Professional poker players have been player for a minimum of 3 o 4 years. They dominate the math of the game, thinking about percentages and possibilities, while making you believe anything they like. They dominate the Art of Bluffing to perfection and they know your poker profile as soon as you enter to the room.

Money Management

Being yourself a new soul to the game that is just learning how to play poker, it is incredibly tempting to throw all your money to a pot. Players, if you are just getting started, you will absolutely need to do a correct management of your money. Separate a fixed part of your monthly income that would otherwise be destined to entertainment and utilize it for poker. We also need to remind you that you should always play poker for the fun of it and not for the money. Very few get to stand as professionals and if they do so, it is at great cost.


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