Learning to Retire – How to Play Poker

imagesLearning how to play poker comes with a fair share of difficulties as the game demands something more than knowing the poker rules, it demands experience from it players. Only experience can teach your limits and how you will likely affront certain scenarios in the game, as every player has his own style. However, there are certain things you can limit and learn previously and one of those is learning to back off. Many players opt to go for the brave/stupid path and gamble until the last chip.

Here we are going to share with you a key piece of knowledge when learning how to play poker and that is knowing when to fold. For attractive bonuses to get started check the  and start your journey with the right foot.

Two Crucial Moments to Retire

It is very difficult to know when to withdraw from a poker table. Unless you play only poker tournaments, there is no indicator to help you decide when to retire. Unless you’re running out of money or obligations outside world force you to retire, you could probably spend playing poker indefinitely. There are two difficult moments for a poker player and is when they are winning and when they are losing.

Winning in poker is a unique and very satisfying feeling. There is nothing worse than perishing when you think that everything is going exactly according to the plan and seeing your bankroll disappear. However, many winners suffer from what many experts call as “winning anxiety”, a feeling that hunts the player when he is taking on the house. Here come the illusions of streak and destiny that corrupt the game of the player, ultimately leading to his downfall.

Stubbornness is a Common Evil

Something you can do before you start to play poker is to put limits on yourself. For example, you might decide that every $500 you earn you will take a moment to think and evaluate the situation. If you keep playing an excellent game and your opponents are still sitting ducks, keep playing. If things seem to have changed, consider the table to go do something else. Some poker players are struggling to pull out of a game when they are losing. They believe or want to believe that things will change. This attitude can result in much higher losses than just a bad situation

A good idea is to start the poker game with a limited amount of money and leave when you reached that limit. If in one night and play at several tables are missing in all, you say it’s not your best day and maybe tomorrow will be better, and retire without hesitation.


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