MiniFTOPS – Massive Poker Event for Everyone

ftops_large-bignamba10-wins-full-tilt-poker-miniftops-xvii-event-11MiniFTOPS, is considered as one of the most glamorous and important events of online poker sites in general, offering what few other events offer: affordable fees, so any kind of player can enter and the certainty the player can win big.

The event will see its end in January 20. In that date, the final showdown will be seen, in a duel that promises that it will never be forgotten. The final showdown will be a No Limit Holdem Multi-Entry tournament, with a $70 buy-in. The prize pool will be of an outstanding $750,000, so the life of many players will be changed by the end of the event.


If you are wandering how to join the action, you should head up to Full Tilt Poker, one of the sponsors of the mega event. January 19 Few online poker sites even consider the idea of giving freebies, but Full Tilt Poker decided to give 100 spaces to the MiniFTOPS final event so players can play poker in a great tournament for free. The costs of this amount of spaces is around $7.500, so Full Tilt Poker members should feel lucky and rejoiced, it is truly a great chance.

For those doubting, here we leave a simple and concrete guide on how you can have a shot at winning a free seat at MiniFTOPS:

  1.  Click  and register.
  2. Look for the tournament section on the site, there you will find the link to the MiniFTOPS event.
  3. May you be lucky and finish within the first 100 places so you get a free seat to the great event.

Full Tilt Poker is one of the top online poker sites in the web, having an incredible reputation for offering great services, games and truly marvelous events, such as this. We remind you reader; we only cover la crème de la crème of the best online poker sites, so expect brilliance.


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