New study shows that Poker benefits your Health

EF2087Over recent years, scientists and researchers around the world have recognized that gambling has several benefits for neurological functions. Not only allow us to focus our intellectual functions in an activity that demands a high level of mental commitment, but in some cases also provide benefits to hormonal level. The next time your loved one tells you that you dedicate too much time for gambling and not enough time for the romance, refer him or her a link to this article.

Chips and stress

In the case of poker, many believe that reducing stress associated with the practice of this game can be a contradiction. When thinking of a professional poker player nobody would attribute to these people a low level of stress. Quite the contrary, in live poker tournaments the players seem to be involved in really tough decisions and do not look exactly stress free. However, recent studies have proven that this is not be.

A Canadian university has published a study that shows how poker can help reduce stress levels in the body. Canadian scientists monitored the level of cortisol (the “stress hormone”) of players while they played poker online. What the researchers found is that cortisol levels decreased progressively as the players were involved in a game. In fact, the fall in cortisol levels was around 17%.

Complete focus

The scientific hypothesis is that cortisol levels are reduced, in part, by the attention required by the game. With the huge complexity involved, poker demands high levels of intellectual engagement. When a player is committed deeply to the game, apparently, forget his everyday worries. This has an impact on the release of cortisol (which promotes improvements in health in the long term).


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