Online casino payment methods

casino credit cards

Many people find paying deposits and withdrawing funds from online casinos very confusing. The vast array of methods available can lead to mix-ups when trying to deposit funds and often casinos will ask for a minimum amount per transaction plus fees that change according to different methods.

The confusion can be annoying if you think you’ve paid in funds only to head to a slot machine or poker table and realise there’s nothing in your account. Some casinos have come to realise their set-ups need improving and have actively tried to streamline payment methods and make it easier for gamers to understand. When choosing an online casino it’s worth checking out how to pay in and out so you don’t get caught up in any confusion. A new player to the online community, Metro Play is a casino that boasts some very simple methods of payment.

Take deposits as an example. Once signed in all you have to do is click on the ‘Deposit’ icon at the top of the screen or navigate through ‘My Account’. These include Visa Delta and both Maestro and Solo from Switch cards. They also accept credit cards Visa and MasterCard. There is a £5 minimum on any deposit made and the same applies to withdrawals from your account, which is easily done through the same process as deposits. The casino won’t charge you for withdrawing and the transfer usually takes between two and five working days.

Security is of course paramount when transferring money online and Metro Play uses 3D secure to further protect those payments. Before money moves, the service asks for a password you should already have provided your bank with and means you’re the one in control. Don’t worry, it may look like you’re imputing this information via the casino but in fact the link is direct to your bank, so is absolutely secure.

With ease of mind from simple payment methods you’re ready to start gaming and play for mega jackpots.


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