Overhyped Hands – How to play poker without Overdoing it

poker-basics-ga-1In this article we are going to talk about overhyped poker hands. These are the kind of hands that get a repressed smile on the faces of many players. Even if some of this poker hands do look promising, sometimes the “promise” surpasses the practical value, leaving the player with a false impression of having a great hand.

1. A-J

For anyone who is in the early stages or medium stages of learning his ways in how to play poker  the best advice we can give is: AJ is a tricky hand! It certainly seems like a great hand, but in reality it’s much less than that. Unless you are playing one on one, you should take with a grain of salt this attractive combination.

2. K-10

Above all hands, this particular one has been named as “the tricky hand” With K-10 you will find yourself many times with the second best hand of the game or you face defeat at the end of the game.

If you don’t get a straight or a full house, you will encounter in a difficult position. If the flop has a lot of K, you will probably lose against another pair with a better kicker. Other scenario could be that the flop gets a 10, whereas you will get a pair, and if it does, you have to take care of possible straights. In case you have two pairs, again you have to take care of the stairs and you will certainly run into many cases where you will be up against three of a kind.

3. K-J

When getting K-J, you are in a very similar scenario to one with a K-10. The main difference resides is that his combination is a safer approach. Even so, this hand is by no means a game winner, so don’t be too confident. May it be the case you get two pairs, you still have to be prepared to face possible triplets from your opponents. If the pot is very active, you better change your cards and try something else.

4. J-J

This hand is one of the most famous one in the game of poker. For many, the J-J means absolution, a killer hand that beats the game in no time. Of course, there are two sides to this sides to this story. On one hand, this combination it is indeed strong, the kind of hand that can take you to victory. On the other hand, if you let your ego grow with this hand and raise the pre-flop, you will surely face better hands than yours.

Played well, the J-J can be very profitable for the player. If you overplay it, it can surely cost a lot of your money. The only moment when a J-J can give you an absolute confidence boost, is when you get another J in the flop. There you can call it a day.

5. A-Q

This hand is one of the trickiest affairs of poker. Beginners and amateurs specially have problems with this combination, as they don’t know how to react to it. Players you should for a good flop, if you get two pairs with it you can bluff all the way to the end, as this hand can quickly become a winning hand.

The main rule of poker is to play thoughtfully and to know when to quit. The five hands we described in this article don’t cover every possible scenario a player can face in the game, but they will surely prepare you for the more polemic ones. Be always advice to players to remember the main rule of the game given to beginners: If you think you’re losing, is very likely to be true.”








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