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lucky-ace-casino-1Lucky Ace has made its way in the online poker sites rank these last few years. Being relatively new, many poker players shy away from the place, going for the more “experienced” online poker sites. In this review, we will show you how many times the age of a site isn’t a synonym of quality, being this case of Lucky Ace. For more critiques, click Poker Sites Reviews.

History Lesson – legacy of greatness

Lucky Ace poker begun its journey when Cassava Enterprises decided to try out a new place to play poker online, so Lucky Ace was born. Cassava Enterprises is behind solid pillars of the online poker industry, such as, Pacific Poker and Reef Club Casino. What the player gets here is a developer with staff that has seen the rise of online gambling, true experts of the scene. They have seen security breaches; they have seen online poker sites go out of business, making this short: they have seen everything.

Software and Interface

Lucky Ace boosts some of the prettiest 3d models out there, yet it doesn’t overwhelm the player. Graphics are top notch and everything always runs smoothly. In 2008 the site saw a complete makeover, after numerous complaints from players. This makeover made Lucky Ace look and feel really good. When playing, there are three available viewing options, for your major comfort.
A feature that makes Lucky Ace feel really unique is its “take notes” option. With this feature, a player can take instant notes on their opponents, as a help memory tool. Apart from this, you will have constant access to average pot sizes, flops, wins and many other interesting tidbits that will enlighten your experience.

Another useful feature is that Lucky Ace lets you multi-tab on 4 tables at the same time, something that not many online poker sites can do. The normal amount If any is 2, so seeing a multi-tab option that gives you a margin of 4 is really neat. Believe it or not, even if you are multi-tabbing at full capacity, the software remains totally stable, so the experience is the exact same as if you were playing only one game. Lucky Ace also provides mini windows so you can keep track of everything.

Promotions and Bonuses

One must ask what good does a solid interface and graphic support if the bonuses aren’t good. Lucky us, we won’t have to answer that question, as Lucky Ace offers a fantastic welcoming bonus. Upon registration you will be greeted with a full 100% match bonus, which goes up to $400 plus a 25% match up of that bonus, which will instantly go to your money account.

Apart from this bonus, promotions are very frequent on Lucky Ace. In a weekly basis players will find a 100,000 MTT tourney, which is as attractive as it sounds. Apart from that, there are many freerolls that offer prizes of $1,000, so if anything, wins are always happening on Lucky Ace.

Be reminded that Lucky Ace currently doesn’t accept US players. This is one of the best online poker sites that Europeans can have access to, so why don’t you try your luck? Click and start taking advantage of those nifty bonuses!


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