Playboy Poker Online – Promo to the Playboy Mansion!

Playboy poker

Imagine yourself playing poker at the Playboy Mansion. Now imagine how hard would it be to keep a poker face.

2013 will see the launch of Playboy poker online, site that promises to be the ultimate online poker experience of the year. Featuring a great interface and incredibly elegant design courtesy of a ground-breaking brand such as Playboy, the site will truly revolutionize the online casino scene. The big bang regarding its launch comes in hand with an exclusive promotion that could take you to the heart of the one and only Playboy Mansion.  If casino and beautiful girls is something you could be interested in, keep on reading!

Elegant Atmosphere

Playboy Poker will host state-of-the-art graphical interfaces, this time not only innovative but sexy. developers are polishing the final details of this massive release, which is expected to work at prime speed, with no noticeable slowdowns, and a friendly environment. In addition, the artistic design will be elegant and grandeur, yet not overbearing. Expect to see much of the fine elegance typical of Playboy, carefully translated to a top casino experience. Playboy Poker will also have a prime selection of poker games, including many variations of loved classics. Do not worry, classic poker games will be available besides many other goodies, but variation is always welcomed and it’s a great asset of Playboy Poker.

Pre-launch Promo to the Playboy Mansion!

As we said in the introduction, the launch of Playboy Poker will come with an attractive pre-launch promotion that will take some lucky soul to the happiest place on earth. Myths and legends surround the Playboy Mansion since its inception, and now you have a chance to become an insider of such a privileged circle. However, you won’t just visit the Playboy Mansion on a guided tour- you will have exclusive access to one of the stunning parties that will take place as part of the launch of the Playboy Poker Casino. Many celebrities have had their chance to be there as special guests but today is your turn.

In addition to this promotion, Playboy Poker is offering a $20 bonus to everyone who signs up before the launch. We must say as a Poker Blog, that this is one of the best treatments any potential players can receive.

To have a chance winning this incredible trip, head up to Playboy Poker and sign up. After registration you will receive further information about this amazing promotion.


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