Poker Addiction

homepicWhen you play poker online, it is not all about fun and money, with the massive and ongoing growth of the game another statistic has increased and it is not just the millionaires. Increasingly, the profile of gamblers who come to ask for help, consists of younger people and more prepared.

Modern Dawn

It’s simple; to play poker online you just need a computer, Internet connection and a credit card. No filters, anyone can get caught; anyone can join a poker table at any age. The anonymity, ease of access and attractive prizes in return for little investment, are the attractions that favor this virtual addiction. It all starts with a simple mouse click, start betting and winning just to end up spending significant amounts on Internet gambling. In fact, the profile of gamblers who come to ask for help is changing, many have started to play on the Internet, in the warmth of their homes, with the simplicity of spending money with a simple mouse click.

Pathological Poker Gambing

Pathological gambling is a disease that takes too long to appear or, at least, to be recognized by the person who has it. It is moving from a habit to a problem capable of sinking people. With these new forms of gambling via the network, the problem has grown, but now we  only see the beginning. The problem will have a serious magnitude, in a few years when Internet gambling has become increasingly common in homes and younger people have access to them. It comes only as logical that people prefer to play poker online, instead of in a physical presence casino. With technology, numerous facilitations come in hand to benefit the players.

The game comes with a risk-free activity, which generates fame, huge profits and can turn anyone into a professional player. We present a reality that is not true, many do not know that behind the professionals appearing on television, there are hours and hours of practice and game and millions of euros invested. Not win and the magnitude of the consequences are not shown. Young people have created false expectations about the game without thinking that they can lead them right into addiction.




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