Poker Dice – addictive yet free online poker game!

imagesFree online poker is on the house with our dear poker blog. If you been waiting for the perfect opportunity to play poker online with no monetary risk involved, where the only thing that matter is the fun of it, here is your chance.

Chances are you already heard of the recent jewel made by 888. Offering new spin on the old poker recipe, Poker Dice spices the deal up, giving the players a new way to online.  Today we give the possibility to use to play free online poker with Poker Dice and below you will be able to find a quick review and an instant game window!

Addictive yet simple Mechanics!

The mechanics of Poker Dice are very straight forward. Your grand objective is to get the best possible poker hand by rolling five dice. The game features different kinds of dice, so players may feel more at home. The most common ones are the default dice, with six sides boosting your typical card values, which go from nine to ace. Even though, the class of dice you choose won’t give you different results in the game, which makes it more of an esthetic choose, so go with the style that appeals to you the most.

Taste of Competence

When you begin a round of Poker Dice, you will have to throw the five dice at the same time. Upon the time they stop rolling, you will get the results. At this time, if you feel comfortable with the results, you can stand. May it be the other way round; you can reroll any number of the dice and have your chances at improving your hand.  When starting a game you will have a maximum number of possible dice rolls and the game lets you stop anytime. Once you feel comfortable with your rolls, the next player gets his turn and so on.

Free Online Poker Program

After the dice roll rounds, everyone will have their hand ready. In this time, the game will compare each hand. Pairs, Full House and other poker hands apply, the only difference is that you will see their results for the values of dice. Poker Dice offers a really nice variation on the poker formula and here with offer you the chance to play the game for the fun of it in our free online poker joint venture with 888.

Just below you will find an instant game window to try the game for free. Take our word when we say it is a very funny experience and one that gives an interesting spin on the old poker formula.



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