Poker Fives – play poker online for free!

888-casinoWant to play poker online? How about some free poker online? Here we offer you the chance to try one of the best poker games the web has to offer. We are talking about Poker Fives, one of the crown jewels of 888. In an exclusive opportunity of our dear poker blog, we offer you the chance to try the game for free!

888 poker Crown Jewel!

Poker Fives popularity is ascension as more and more poker blogs talk about its excellence. Even so, many still don’t know the grand charm of this fantastic game. Poker Fives promises its players superb levels of excitement and fun and achieves both with very little effort.

The objective of Poker Fives is to predict what the outcome of the five card poker hand handed by the dealer. By doing certain combinations of gambles, you will try to predict what cards is the dealer carrying. The game provides certain possible gambles that you can make to predict the hand of the dealer.

Non-paralleled Entreteniment

The game has proved itself as one of the most addicting experiences of 888 games, as it provides long fun value. This means the game doesn’t end as quickly as a slot would, so there is a great deal of entertainment, making itself worth of playing. Here we are offering you to play free online poker with Poker Fives and for free, therefore you will decide if the game deserves a monetary investment from you. Take some time to get familiar with the rules and mechanics and only then… you are free to play for real money!


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