PokerPro – the next Big Thing after online poker sites

poker proJust when players believed that online poker sites where the ultimate poker frontier, the folks at Pokertek, the company based in North Carolina has created the first fully automated poker table and computer, which will be released worldwide in next week. Going by the name of PokerPro, this invention promises to revolutionize the poker scene, been already named “the next big thing” after the boom of online poker sites.

A new poker experience…

The company has signed a contract with Aristocrat Leisure, giving the giant Aussie gambling, the exclusive worldwide license for electronic poker tables. The contract is valid for sites outside the United States and some parts of Canada, with intention of expanding into European territory. Any related related to other countries will be continually updated.

The PokerPro has revolutionized the game of poker as it has left the croupier, the chips and cards out of the equation. The poker games are regulated by an internal computer. Each position in the table has a device that works by contact with fingers, through which players can see their cards, the amount of money that is at stake, in relation to the amount at stake in their opponents and the amount of money available in the pot. In addition to individual screens, a larger screen is located in the center of the table, which outlines the community cards for all players. Now, poker players around the world can be part of the action of poker without even having to give tip the dealer.


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