Psycology of Online Poker

psychologyAs a poker blog, we have been wandering for a while why we hadn’t dedicated a space towards the psychology behind online poker. For starters, I would like to clarify the typical controversy of whether poker is a sport, a game, a hobby, or whatever. It is difficult to pigeonhole, the limits between every one of those are blurry in some cases. You will surely need a decent fitness to practice, especially if we talk about playoffs as long facing many players online.

What is Poker?

I would also like to make clear that no attempt here to refer to any strategy tips for winning game or rather (for info on those click ) What we are trying to do here, is to capture the  psychological factor behind poker players. Being all that said, let everyone take their own conclusions. We consider important to mention the peculiar events that happen within the mind of an individual while playing a game of online poker. The dynamics are totally different, making it a complete different experience of real live poker.

Potential Information

The information that is offered in a virtual poker table is large and distinct, our eyes wander between a figure usually oval with multiple and informational changing data certain panels which feed on various aspects of the game. On some servers advertising remains static in a certain position of the screen while others jump in a “pop ups” breaking our concentration flow, the chat can distract from the game, bars increase-decrease bet are pretty rough, some programs require too much RAM our PC. This limits the experience in its own regard, but more on that later.

Unlike real live poker, where information is more controllable, in the online version some information is omitted as programs as of now aren’t able to track down the reactions of opponents to certain plays, leaving state devoid of certain strategies to face quintessential players. This makes online poker in some aspects more difficult and in some other aspects… much more advantageous.

Real Poker/Entretaniment Poker

The first point I want to focus in this space is which kind of poker the player chooses. It is a completely different experience to play for free than to play for real money. If we play for mere entertainment, without betting real money, possibly the focus of  our strategies with will greatly influenced by a social aspect (such as Zynga on Face Book), to hang out and entertain us, knowing that if we lose no impact on our economic bag. Obviously, from this perspective, we will be more risky, more hands go, most frequently use the Chat, etc … In this case, choose to play is a simple matter of free time available.

However, in the case of real money, it can be required more to be clear that we have a certain time to play, especially in the case of tournaments (where there may be thousands of entries) or “Sit & Go”, which also may have its long duration. For straight bet, where you bet that they are not tokens, but money can leave the game at the time you want, but we should also mention that our cash flow is quite cyclical, especially at first.

That is all for today folks, in a future entry we shall resume with the psychology behind online poker


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