Raul Mestre – big online poker wins

images (3)Raul Mestre was an amateur online poker player that had a big online poker carrer. However, his online poker carrer wasn’t just a big poker carrer, it was one of the biggest and most consistent ones in the world of online poker. Mestre shared with the public that his voyage into becoming a millionaire begun when a friend of his gave him a book that detailed all the poker rules and many strategies.

Just Risk It

Sometime after that happening, one day he just decided to risk it. This resulted in him gambling 80 euros in a game of online poker, an amount that wouldn’t amaze too many players. However, Mestre also said that in those days he was still in the university, so investing that amount of money in a poker game was a big deal. That game of online poker was the first of many and as the months passed, he continued to refine his abilities

Welcome to Poker School

Such was his success that he ultimately decided to leave his studies to make online poker his life, therefore becoming a professional poker player altogether. His career continued throughout the years and his achievements continued to make headlines. One decision he took would change the world of online poker, when he opened his very own online poker school, were more than 100.000 registered users learn about the mechanics of the game.

Raul Mestre always tell to fellow online poker dreamers to inform themselves about the game. There is always space for one more player and no one should be left behind because of the improbability of becoming big. He cites himself as a live example of this fact.


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