Ronaldo joins PokerStars! – poker news

RonaldoNotaSince its inception, PokerStars has understood the importance of uniting their big name stars that awaken in the player’s big hype in the hopes of reaching the level of competitiveness and success that symbolize the best athletes.

Sports Finest

One of the first to appear on the payroll of the room was the red spade Wayne Gretzky, a legend of the NHL, the professional league of American ice hockey. Gretzky gave an incredible boost to PokerStars, bringing on thousands of Hockey lovers and introducing them to the world of online poker. Many critics didn’t take Wayne as the poker kind of player, but he ended up surprising everyone with some incredible encounters.

Since then there have been many athletes who have come to poker through its agreements with this room. We should also include many celebrities outside the realm of sports, as poker as many do say, it’s a universal sport. Celebrity endorsement is almost daily poker news, as each day more and more celebrities cross to the poker side and take on a brand.

Poker Pitch!

The best example of this is the recent signing of our Rafael Nadal, who now has a partner that rivals him in popularity in Brazil, the legendary Ronaldo. So the PokerStars Blog announced in Latin America the signing of Ronaldo, who has already organized its staff Poker Cup in which the prize is meet face to face.

To enter PokerStars and have a blast on one of the top poker rooms in the world,


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