Rookie Poker Errors – How To Play Poker

poker-p-2 (1)People who are new to the game and are just staring to learn how to play poker, are likely to make many mistakes. Increasingly novice poker players play for hours without realizing that they are making the same mistakes over and over again. These are the common mistakes that professional poker players have already learned how to deal with them, but new players do not seem to grasp them.

However, if an enthusiast pretends to become a professional poker player, he should be very attendant to learn how to play poker. Especially for novice players is very essential to learn to learn the rules of the game, well, so they can avoid the most common mistakes and can develop the actual winning habit.

Predictable Nancy

For the novice poker player, their most common mistake not knowing what a starting hand is. Novice players play poker online bad, playing too many hands when they should be playing with hands that do well out of them. So, when playing poker for a pot, if a player starts to play every hand, it essentially gives the opponents the advantage of the situation.

Copy/Paste Player

Another mistake novices make is copying the moves of other players, without thinking twice. It occurs in both the online poker rooms. For example, a player A sees a player B do something, it behaves as that player, then there is Player C who caught on starts acting accordingly. Rookies and individuals that don’t know how to play poker very well can be quickly spotted.

Silly Bluffer

Many rookie poker players take bluffs as a mantra. They make them feel smart and part of a James Bond movie. However, a professional poker player will spot a bluffer in a heartbeat. Bluffs are just another means to an end in poker, just another tool. Rookies shouldn’t overdo bluffs, as they could end up bluffed themselves and that is a pretty frustrating scenario.  Also take into account that after a couple of bluffs, credibility will be lost, so forget about bluffing with those individuals ever again.


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