The influence of Online Poker Sites in the Industry

online-poker1 As a poker blog, we decided to give a little space to the development of online poker sites and their meaning in the present. Online poker site even offer the chance to enthusiasts of playing free online poker, something impossible to see on a physical presence casino. These great alternatives for players that prefer to play from more intimate environments such as their home, work or even their cellphone when on the bus are taking more enthusiasts every passing day.

Privileged Position

When the online poker sites made ​​their foray into the Internet, nobody knew for sure if it could be regarded as an alternative to traditional poker played in casinos, clubs or private homes with friends. Internet today is still scary for many when economic transactions, and is mainly engaged Poker move money. But today, online poker sites are in a privileged position as a business to which the crisis affects more moderate, assuming an escape in many cases and a simpler and cheaper alternative to continue playing poker without the need to go to casinos or specialized places to play poker online

Extemely Profitable Alternative

Actually, online poker sites report to have revenues of a whopping four billion dollars just in the United States and Canada. With this we can get an idea of capital that can move in this industry. In Italy, without going any further, online poker sites bring more benefits than any other online activity in the whole country. Take this as proof that online poker sites are just beginning their incursion on the daily life of many players that battle against a world where the time to go to a casino Is each time more limited.

True Giant of Online Poker Sites

However, we cannot ignore the influence giants as have to the game, as it alone has made to the online poker sites industry worldwide. Their modus operandi has been an example of good work for everyone else and actually has set trends that have emerged as industry standards in Internet. Today, PokerStars is so powerful that it has practically decision capabilities tournaments and championships, and has been sponsored by the European Poker Tour. It’s so strange that we find celebrities willing to be his testimony, as in the case of Rafael Nadal in Spain, the prime Tennis player of the world, or that we see every night on television ads of this company that has revolutionized the world of online poker sites.


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