The Truth Behind Poker “Bad Streaks”

Losing-Streak-in-PokerAnyone that likes to play poker online is familiar with a losing streak. Losing streaks are continual loses when playing poker, that often end up with an infuriated player with an empty credit bank. These happens more when players don’t properly know how to player poker, or when they get easily frustrated. They happen frequently, even to famous poker players. Many of them would say that in the face of a losing streak a break should be taken, as the player is probably tired. However, even if that is a possibility, there is much more than being emotionally and physically tired and that is the subject that shall be analyzed today.

Basic Errors and Misconceptions

It is certain that fatigue can have an impact on the game of any player. When the player becomes tired, he starts making rash mistakes than can cost him every dime at a heartbeat. A good way to know if it is a luck related issue is aknowleding if too much money is being invested on situations where luck is too much of a factor and the risks are too great. Players that play poker online that chase like crazy flushes, even when the pot odds don’t favor them, are a perfect example of this. Many times players don’t lose because a bad streak happened, they lose because they are playing hands they shouldn’t play.

Rutine killed the Poker Player

Humans are creatures of habit. Before long, anyone that likes to play poker online will make a routine around his gaming experience and stick with the comfort zone. In poker, this isn’t good, as opponents will catch up with this in very little time. The best thing to do is keep up mixing the game, throwing off other players. Creating a mold is the first step in bad streaks. For example, when a players always raises 3 times the big blind, fellow players catch up. It isn’t like a player can’t develop his own style, but he should always try to mix things up. Sometimes habits are born out of opponents knowing the players routine.

There are among the most common factors behind bad streaks. Players should always ask themselves if things are as they really think they are. The one thing that should always be avoided is to think that everything is related to the luck factor. Anyone can make mistakes when he play poker online or land-based poker. It just a matter of soul searching…


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