Antonio Esfandiari – USA Online poker Representative

images (1) Antonio Esfandiari, one of the best poker players of the moment has been chosen as the first representative of an online poker site in the USA. Ultimate Gaming has become the new home of Antonio.

Ultimate Poker

The player will endorse the colors of Ultimate Poker, name which will also become a poker room that Fertitia Interactive plans to open by December 2013. The goal of Esfandiari is to take advantage of this time to try out his luck in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Not many times we find a poker player who can kick your butt and empty your pockets.

Critics Favorite

Tom Breitling, representative of numerous poker organizations and one of the prime voices of poker around the world has talked about Antonio. Numerous times he has complimented his style of gambling, describing it if “brutal yet relentless”. Many other critics have already talked marvels of Antonio, so we can only hope his fighting championship doesn’t discourage him to continue playing poker.

In addition, we should talk about the incredible feeling he left in the audience during the last World Series of Poker. The public was completely immersed when he was playing, making him truly a fan favorite among poker players. Numerous times he has been described as a joy to watch, something that doesn’t happen with all poker players. Esfandiari seems an excellent target for any room.

Monetary Side

The contract amount is not public domain, but a prestigious half even published it would be the second largest ever signed by a poker player. The website has published information and data that no longer appears which makes sense if you think about the agreements with Full Tilt Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth with UltimateBet missing-that has nothing to do with this new room, or Daniel Negreanu with PokerStars.

Endorsement by professional poker players is something which increases every day, as the game continues to claim fanatics all around the world.


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