Using your Position in Texas Hold’em to your Advantage

texas_holdem_poker-9529In all poker games such as in Texas Hold’em there are mathematical probabilities that are proven true and that means there’s a high element of skill involved. In darts, if you are the one who will be throwing first you will also have a higher chance of hitting the doubles and winning the game. This principle is the same with poker. Your position in the game can help you manipulate its flow and so you can end up with a better positional advantage. Here are some of the ways you can use position in poker to help you.

It’s all about the position

What are the positions in poker and which are most advantageous to you? In Texas Hold’em(as well as most forms of poker), you have advantage if you’re acting last. Therefore, the best position to be in is on the button. Consequently, the worst position is being the “small blind” because this means you have to act first. Because the dealer button moves in a clockwise motion, you have the opportunity to play in position most of the time and this will be a key factor of winning the game. Not many players will fully understand the advantages of “having to button”, so make sure you use it as best you can.

Valuing bet when you are in position

When you are in position you can act last and therefore solicit as much information as possible from your opponents and how they value their bets on the table. This of course will allow you to play your best game and maximize the probabilities you have decided to play in your head depending on how the other players act on the bet. Strategizing from this point can be easier than ending up doing some blind check-raise. When you value bet, you’re also able to find out information about your opponents hand for a small fee. More often than not, the value bet will win you the pot because you opponents may fold – if they have nothing.

Controlling pot size when you are in position

When you are in position you also have the ability to size up the pot to your liking simply because you will be the last one to act. It is therefore easy to bet as much as you like if and when your opponents check. But when in position you can also raise as much as you wish when your opponents bet. This unique advantage is only possible when you are in position so be sure you maximize this at all times.

Sit beside the fish

In the game of Hold’em, it is important to sit at the left of the weakest player in the table. This allows you, again, to act last and be in an observing position most of the time thereby having the opportunity to plan out your game better than the rest.


Taking advantage with positions in poker can improve your game a lot. Try these out in your next game and see how easy it is to capitalize on a hand that puts you in a position to act last.


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