Video Poker – joins our free online poker program!

imagesI believe everyone needs a change of pace once in a while, free online poker offerings are nothing but abundant in our dear poker blog. However, here we will offer something of an original experience, for those keen of trying out something new.

Exclusive Free Opportunity!

Courtesy of 888 casino, one of the best online casino sites around, today we offer you a new free online poker game, Video Poker. The “free” part can last as long as you like.  The goal here is that you check out the game and conclude If it is worth your real money. If it isn’t, no harm done.

Online video poker is one of the most popular and loved games to be found in the casino industry. Maybe you played one before but in the fast times we lived on… you can easily have forgotten. Now we will break down the basic Poker Rules, so you can start having some nonstop free online poker.

Video Poker Mechanics

The game begins with you having to mark your gamble in the machine (It will be in the form of credits). After that is done, you will be handed 5 cards. From this cards you will discard any card that doesn’t work for you and then you will be dealt new ones based on how many you decided to throw. Once the new cards are dealt, based on the value of your hand, you will be paid accordingly.

It really is as simple as that. This is an experience as simple as they get, which makes it a very fun one. For those that don’t want to think too much and just win some easy money, here we offer you Video Poker just below. Remember this is an exclusive opportunity offered just by our Poker Blog!



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