What is Poker?

images (5)“Poker” has become an incredibly famous word around the web. With online poker sites each day becoming bigger and offering better services, the game is becoming a pillar of the online community. Millions of people in a daily manner play poker online and have a blast. However, such is the craze that many individuals are left wandering what the game is all about. Those individuals here will find a concrete guide that will introduce them to the world of poker.

So… What exactly is Poker?

To begin, the first thing anyone should know is that poker is a game of cards that is played in various forms between two or more people. It is one of the most played in history, whose fame has made it appear in movies, videogames and made superstars out of it.

There are some basic rules that are common to all poker games, making it essential knowing them to understand how to player poker. One of these rules is the hand ranking, which is a table of possible combinations of letters ordered by importance. Typically, the player will begin the game with a combination of cards that can suit or don’t suit his interests. This will mean he will have to change up cards or utilize the Art of Bluffing to throw off his opponents. The winner will be the player’s hand at the end to get the best combination of cards based on the ranking of hands.There are many variations of poker, among which may be noted the shared card poker, poker open poker, poker closed range.

Most Popular Forms of Poker:

Texas Hold’em


7 Card Stud

5 Card Draw



Against the Dealer:

Poker Three

Tequila Poker

Let Them Ride

Casino Hold ‘Em

Caribbean Stud


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