What is the Bankroll? – How to Play Poker

poker-bankroll-mgmtThe famed Bankroll is one of the most typical terms surrounding the world of poker. Many veteran poker players will adjudicate their success to a solid understanding and knowledge of the Poker Rules and the application of them. However, the truth is another, as the Bankroll and its correct management is the key for a successful poker player.

What is the Bankroll?

The bankroll corresponds to the amount of money available we have to play poker. It is our tool and our means to an end and the most basic thing when learning how to play poker. In the same way that the painter needs his brush, you need your bankroll to play poker.

Keeping the Pressure Low

When you are playing poker, there is no better thing as not having pressure in your hands. This means all your concentration will be destined to the game and not the impending feeling of “I’m going broke if I don’t this hand”. Suppose you have a $100 bankroll, if you go with all your money at a table going to be against the sword and the wall. One mistake could be the end of your playing session, leaving you frustrated and stressed out.  Many players feel tempted into doing this, but it is a colossal mistake to gamble everything from the start

Little Risks

However, what happens if you have $100 and you enter a table risking just $5? Well, if you are playing well but you have bad luck just going to lose $5. This means you have another $95 waiting for you to player with. This means 19 chances of getting winning more money and at the same time, of prolonging the fun, which is just as important.

Secret of the Champions

So from today onward player, be warned that the bankroll is imperative when poker playing. You should never by any means play outside the bankroll, because this will mean your demise. Our advice is that you have a minimum bankroll of 20 times the rate of gaming sessions you are going to play. This is one of the main secrets pro players don’t comment in interviews. A correct management means a profitable player and that’s a fact when learning how to play poker.


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