What is the most effective way to learn poker?

Play-PokerIf you’re seeking advice on how to play poker then the best encouragement anyone can give you is that practice makes perfect.

It can be very difficult to learn the rules and intricacies of poker if you don’t play regularly and getting a group of friends round for frequent games is sometimes a challenge.

That is why practising your poker skills online is a far more effective way of understanding the game and learning what moves to make, for there is always a table available for both first-timers and seasoned masters.

Practice in poker really does make perfect, for there is no better way of developing your game than actually playing it. You don’t need game theory or statistical analysis – that can come in at a later date – because for now all you should be thinking of is what is in your hand.

For example, even if you don’t know the rules of Texas Hold’em (the most common poker game online) you’re still okay to sit in a free game and watch the others do the work.

Study when they bet and to what extent, how a new community card can completely change the game and maybe follow one particular player and guess the strength of their hands.

This will help you learn before trying out your own hands to see how they combine with the community cards. If you sense something strong is in your hole then why not go for it? In the free game there’s nothing to lose and every ounce of experience to gain.

The art of the professional sportsperson, chef, artist or master of any profession is the diligent practise they put in: always striving to perfect their art. If you practise like this there is no reason you cannot make the transition to live cash poker games.

It’s the same in poker and there is no wonder why the pros play thousands of hands per year. This is how you develop your own style; how you understand what others are doing and, most importantly, how you play poker.


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