How to win at Blackjack

blackjackBlackjack is one of the most popular casino card games in the world. Part of its attraction is that it is relatively easy to understand the rules, easy to learn how to play, easy to get the hang of how the betting works. The downside is that it is also pretty easy to lose all of your money pretty quickly. Blackjack is one of those casino games where you are playing against the house, against the dealer, not against the other people sitting at the table with you. In this article we share with you a few hints and tips on how to increase your chances of winning at Blackjack.


The house holds the upper hand


One of the key advantages that the house holds in a game of Blackjack is that you (the player) must act without first knowing what the house’s second card (or hole card) is. The other advantage is that if you bust (meaning that the combined value of your cards has exceeded 21) then you lose your bet even if the house subsequently busts on their hand.

Understand the betting


As a player you can raise or lower the amount bet on each hand.

Have a strategy


Before you sit down at the table it is important to have a clear plan as to how you are going to play your cards. What cards will you split? At what point will you hit and at what point will you sit? By bringing some consistency to your play your decision making will be clearer and you will be calmer as you consider your position on each hand and the bets that you are going to make.


Some of my self-imposed rules include: Never split 5s; Never split Aces; Always split 9s; if you’ve only got 13-15 then you need to hit for another card; never drink when playing blackjack. There’s no real science behind those rules, they’re just what work for me.

Understand the payouts


If you (as a player) gets a natural Blackjack – meaning that your first two cards dealt add up to 21 – then the house pays you 3:2. The good news is that if the house deals itself a natural Blackjack then you only lose at even money.

Set yourself a budget and a time limit


Before you sit down at the table make sure you set yourself a clear budget. This is the amount that you must be prepared to lose. If you lose your money then don’t be tempted to keep going to try and win it back. You also need to set yourself a time limit. If you’re winning, or if you’re just coasting along breaking even, once you’ve hit your time limit get up and go home. Ultimately the odds are stacked in favour of the house.

Don’t fight a gut feeling


We all know that there is no real science behind superstitions. But if there is something in your waters telling you to make a bet, or not take a card, or do anything – why would you go against that? Whether or not it’s right, trusting your judgment is one of the most important skills when playing cards – the minute you start second guessing yourself you may as well start throwing your money away.


Glamorous, exciting, and potentially quite a lucrative way to win some money. Put your tuxedo on, grab a dry martini and settle in for a night at the Blackjack table.


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