The Wonderful World of Poker

pokerThere is a very good reason why poker is a very popular card game all over the world. Some say it is just a fad, and some would even argue its fame is owed to the socialization component of the game. But everybody knows that poker is popular because of the level of competition in the game. It is a fierce game of bluffing and calling bluffs. It is also a game of wits and taking chances. Most professional poker players would say that it is Poker’s profitability that is drawing people from all walks of life into the game. Money can be made here and because of the fun and camaraderie that goes with all the frenzy of winning cash, poker is the ultimate game of cards.

Learning the game

Most people are intimidated by the thought of learning poker. There are just so many things to take in and remember. Even if you have covered the basics there is still more to learn. The learning curve is steep and the competition is tough. However with practice most people will eventually get the hang of the game, recalling the hands ought to be played effortlessly. Learning the basics is just half of the story. In order to win games you need to master the techniques innate to poker. Even with the challenge of learning the game, most people are into poker because of the fun of learning it. It is during the learning process where most people begin to really appreciate the game. Today there are dedicated web sites that provide tutorials to those who are only beginning to discover poker and for novices who want to go to the next level.

The history of poker

Poker was widely played in the United States since the 17th century. One game historian said that the game is a derivative of the Persian game As Nas. However in the 90’s, David Parlett argued that the game has more similarities with the French game Poque. It can be safely said that poker has numerous influences from games such as Primero (a renaissance-era game), the French’s Brelan and the popular English game of Brag. It was in the 70’s that the World Series of Poker was started in the US and made way for poker to be one of the most recognizable card games in the world. However it was in the 21st century that poker reached new heights of popularity as online poker became possible. People are not limited to watching poker in live television they can actually play it with other people from other parts of the world right in the comforts of their homes in real time.


Poker is fun and addictive and it is indeed an exciting game to get into. The best time to try it is today with tons of resources to learn it with ease. Finding people willing to play with you is easy enough thanks to the Internet so start now. Maybe you will be the next star poker player in the World Series.


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